Walther's announces 1948 Twentieth Century Limited in HO scale


Completely New from Diesels to Lookout Lounge!
  • Based on 1948 Train
  • 9 Completely New Cars
  • Authentic Paint & Lettering
  • Superbly Detailed Inside and Out
  • PROTO-Max(TM) Die Cast Metal Knuckle Couplers
  • Matching PROTO 2000(R) E7 Diesels

No other train fired the imagination of the American public like New York Central's 20th Century Limited. Its exclusive clientele and blistering schedule between New York and Chicago made it the stuff of legends for 65 years. A favorite with business and industry leaders, its luxurious accommodations - including a red carpet on the platform at New York - also attracted stars of stage and screen, further fueling the train's celebrity status and romantic image.

New equipment finally arrived from Pullman in 1948, supplemented by refurbished 4-4-2 sleepers and RPOs from the 1938 trains. Painted in a new version of the two-tone gray scheme, sleepers and observations were named for various bodies of water in salute to the "Water Level Route" slogan. Up front, matched sets of EMD E7s provided 4000 horsepower to meet the 16-hour westbound, 15-1/2 hour eastward schedule.

Like the prototype, Walthers 20th Century is "Completely New from Diesels to Lookout Lounge!" And best of all, you can build a complete and affordable Century fleet, from the Phase II EMD E7 diesels to the train's signature "...Creek" series observation-lounge.

In addition, these First Edition models include a special certificate of authenticity, and an in-depth history of each car and loco! Plus, we'll also be offering a one-of-a-kind figure and accessory set, based on the classic publicity photo that defined Century elegance at its finest, complete with eight hand-painted figures and accessories, plus a 12" long reproduction of the famed red carpet rolled out for passengers as they boarded this flagship train!