The 10th Michigan Railroad History Conference - November 7, 2009

For anyone interested in learning more about New York Central operations in Michigan, as well as other aspects of the Wolverine State's railroad history, don't miss the 10th Michigan Railroad History Conference. The Conference will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Cascade Manor House, Jackson, Michigan. The program includes ten historical presentations and two poster presentations. Lunch will be served. At the completion of the program, we will tour the former Michigan Central Jackson Shop buildings, and other historical sites.


  • "Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad - Expressway for Industry" - Chuck Geletzke

  • "NYC, PC, Conrail & NS Dispatching on the Michigan Division 1958 - 2006" - Rahn Stokes

  • "Michigan Coal and the Rails that moved it". - Mike Delaney

  • "Lansing - Jackson Interurban Railway" - Norm Krentel

  • Keynote Presentation: "Runaway Research on the Michigan Central" - Nicholas Marsh

  • "The Spring Lake Iron Company, the Railroads and Charcoal Production in West Michigan" - Dave Kindem

  • "A Brief History of the Port Huron and Detroit Railroad" - Sandy Duffy

  • "A Day in the Life of the Michigan Central's Airline" - Mark Worrall

  • "Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing and Social Conflicts in Gilded Age Detroit" - Tom Klug

  • "Ann Arbor Railroad: Ann Arbor to Durand" - Henry Burger

During the luncheon:

  • Poster Session A: Gaylord Gill: "Deckerville Pere Marquette Depot Project"

  • Poster Session B: Dale Berry: ""

For a conference registration form and more information, please visit the Michigan Railroad History Conference web site.