2004 Annual Meeting Rail Tour

About 80 NYCSHS members participated in the tour which covered the Amtrak Beech Grove Maintenance Facility, the CSX Avon Yard, and the CSX Train Dispatching Office. At Beech Grove, the tour covered all of the buildings in active service. The group was split into several sections, each of which was led by an Amtrak supervisor. Our thanks to Amtrak Supt. Lew Wood, Office Manager Sharon McElroy, and Safety Supervisor Jim Goodlet for their hospitality.

Upon leaving Beech Grove, the two buses went separately, one to Avon Yard and the other to the Train Dispatching Office downtown. After visiting the first site, the buses went to the other site. Dispatching Supervisor Charlie Williamson explained the operations in detail as the groups went through the office. At Avon, Asst. Terminal Supertintendent Jesse De Luca took charge as the groups went through the engine facility, car shop, and hump office. Our thanks to these personnel and to General Manager Gary Bethel, Linda Morris, and Margaret Elston for their courtesy in hosting the NYCSHS.

Above all, our thanks go to Amtrak Chairman David L. Gunn and CSX Chairman Michael S. Ward for giving their approval and allowing the tours to occur.

2004 NYCSHS Election Results

Results of the April 2004 NYCSHS Election:
  • John Reehling stepped down as Trustee (Director), but will continue as Drawing Coordinator.
  • Messrs. Suhs, Lustig, and Bernhardt were re-elected as Directors.
  • Richard Barrett was elected to the vacancy in place of Mr. Reehling.
  • Dr John Mills was appointed as a new Director (new position)

Results of the 2004 E. L. May Award:

Prizes were awarded to joint winners John M Ham and Robert W Cosgrove. Details of this should be in an upcoming Headlight.