New York Central models by Jim Six

NYC U-class 0-8-0 7744 spots a coal hopper at the local dealer in New Paris, Indiana during the summer of 1955. New York Central enthusiast and modeler Jim Six wanted to share these photos from his HO scale Michigan District layout.

A Geep spots a 40-foot boxcar at an industry in New Paris, Indiana in 1955. This PS-1 boxcar is a Kadee model that Jim Six weathered then placed into service on his NYC Michigan District layout. Weathering was done with acrylic washes there were wiped with cotton swabs. An airbrush was used to weather the roof and underside of the model.

NYC F3 1630 and dual-service GP7 5758 lead a train north through New Paris, Indiana in June 1955. While the F-unit is painted in black, the Geep wears two-tone gray paint found on many similar locomotives in the mid-to-late 1950s. The F3 is an Athearn Genesis model that Jim Six detailed and weathered. The Geep is a Proto2000 model that Jim repainted, detailed and weathered. The scene was photographed on Jim's 44x12 HO scale NYC Michigan District.

The Athearn Genesis model makes a great subject for adding prototype detail specific to the New York Central F3. Jim also added a SoundTrax Tsunami DCC sound decoder and speakers. The model sounds as good as it looks.

Both the 1606 and 1630 are Athearn Genesis HO scale models. Jim Six took the factory painted models and added prototype specific detail, touched up the paint, then weathered the models with acrylic washes. The front pilot of the 1606 was removed and replaced with an InterMountain straight, so-called "passenger" pilot. The shroud doors were modeled in the open position.

Putnam Division photos from Malcolm Laughlin

New York Central's Putnam Division ran from a connection with the Hudson Division in The Bronx to a connection with the Harlem Division at Brewster, New York. A little more than 50 miles end-to-end, the last passenger train over the line was in 1958. After a period of steady decline, the line was downgraded and abandoned until all service ended on the lower end in the late 1970s. Today, the line survives as a popular walking train through Westchester and Putnam counties. Malcolm Laughlin had the good fortune to attend a railfan trip over the Putnam Division in October 1954.

On the way to the special train, Malcolm photographed this meet at Dunwoodie station from the side of the Cross County Parkway. Note the rare round-roof coach as second car of southbound train. These Osgood-Bradley cars were found on the Putnam Division as well as the Boston & Albany.
Another view of the trains at Dunwoodie from the Cross County Parkway.

The fan trip special train rolls past for a photo run by.

It appears our railfan special has paused at Millwood, New York. The distinctive freight house was created from a discarded New York & Northern baggage car. The New York & Northern was later acquired by the New York Central and became the Putnam Division.

The Putnam Division was dieselized in 1951 with a fleet of distinctive Lima diesels. I hope that lady moves out of the guage soon!

A photo run-by was conducted near Kitchawan station, running the train over the bridge spanning the Croton Reservoir.

This bridge still stands today, carrying bicyclists and hikers only.
A regularly scheduled train (possibly Train 129) rolls through Yorktown Heights.

Possible Train 129 headed south from Yorktown Heights.

Baldwin diesels were also used on the Put, before being replaced by Alco road switchers.

Central Headlight - 4Q 2008

The Central Headlight for Fourth Quarter 2008 is in the mail, thanks to the dedicated work of editor Rich Stoving and his contributing authors. The lead story for this issue is part one of a special multi-part article on the race between the Michigan Southern and the Michigan Central to be first into Chicago. Pictured on the cover is Train #1, the all-coach Pacemaker, was almost home in the winter of 1947-1948 as it entered the final tangent into LaSalle Street Station in Chicago. One of the two heavyweight lounge-observation cars rebuilt at Beech Grove in 1940 for Pacemaker service follows mostly new lightweight equipment. The train will feature all new equipment later in the year. Photo courtesy Jim Seacrest Collection.

Many great subjects will be explored in upcoming 2009 issues (subject to change). The lead story for First Quarter 2009 will be recollections of commuting on the Harlem Division. Following in Second Quarter 2009 will be a story on the construction of Buffalo Central Terminal. Third Quarter 2009 will be a biography of P&LE's John Barriger. Closing out 2009 will be a story about the delivery of the 2500-series GE U-boats. Contact editor Rich Stoving for more information.

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