Central Headlight - 3Q 2009

The latest issue of the Central Headlight is in the mail and on its way to current NYCSHS members!

On the cover is a photo of Pittsburgh & Lake Erie K-6a 9249 leading Train #10, getting ready to depart Beaver Falls/New Brighton (PA) eastbound on June 23, 1946.

The lead story for the 3rd Quarter 2009 issue will be a tribute to John W. Barriger III, president of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie from 1956 to 1964. The issue will also include articles about the Catskill Mountain Branch (of which three operators provide tourist train service in the present day), the last move of the 999 over NYC rails, and the Ohio Blizzard of 1950. Two classic Howard Fogg P&LE postcards grace the rear cover.

The 4th Quarter issue, which should be out in early January, will include articles about NYC's U25B U-boats, the construction of the first T-motor, and kit-bashing an HO Canada Southern caboose.

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Central Headlight - 2Q 2009

The latest issue of the Central Headlight is in the mail and on its way to current NYCSHS members!

The cover story commemorates the 80th anniversary of the opening of Buffalo Central Terminal, featuring official construction photos. New York Central's beautiful Art Deco monument opened on the south side of Buffalo, New York just as America was hit hard by the effects of the stock market crash of 1929. When Amtrak left for good in 1979, the building was left derelict, with a lone Conrail dispatching office as tenant. Once Conrail consolidated its offices, the building went through a series of owners and vandalism took its toll. Fortunately, a new grassroots community organization is now fighting hard to clean up the terminal and find a responsible development partner to restore the grand structure to its former glory.

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2010 NYCSHS Calendar

Sold Out!

Access to a wide variety of photograph collections enables the Society to again present an excellent selection of high quality images. On the front color cover, Class S-1b "Niagara" #6019 takes water from the track pan at Lydick, IN while heading the westbound Lake Shore Limited in 1953. The back cover shows the caboose of northbound Switch Run No. 151 at Brookville, IN in 1954. The Brookville station straddles the Whitewater Canal.

Inside calendar photographs include: Alco RS-3 #8291 at Harmon, NY in 1963 (color); Class L-4b "Mohawk" #3144, outfitted with Timken roller bearing rods, at Bellefontaine, OH in 1953; Class K-11d 4-6-2 #4521 on Train No. 2 near Saranac Inn, NY in 1940; Class S-1b "Niagara" #6016 on the Commodore Vanderbilt at Oscawana, NY in 1946; Class F-81d 4-6-0 #8235 at Niles, MI ca. 1910; Class H-5g 2-8-2 #1214 on a B&A local freight train at Middlefield, MA in 1947; Detroit River Tunnel Class R-1 electric locomotive #165 at Windsor, Ont. in 1951; Class J-3a "Hudson" #5424 near La Porte, IN in 1948; Three EMD F3 passenger diesel units, led by #3502, at Lafayette, IN in 1953; NYC's only two EMD F2 units, with #1605 up front, at Amsterdam, NY on an eastbound freight ca. 1947; Streamlined Class J-3a "Hudson" #5446 on an eastbound passenger train at Goshen, IN ca. 1940; EMD GP7 #5624 on a P&E passenger train at Danville, IL in 1953; Class L-4b #3132 in a tender-end view at Leota Street engine terminal, Indianapolis, IN in 1955 (color).

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Central Headlight - 1Q 2009

The latest issue of the Central Headlight is in the mail and on its way to current NYCSHS members!

Humming eastward through Westchester County fall foliage in Scarsdale, New York, T-2b 269 was about nineteen miles west of Grand Central Terminal as it brought a four-car consist over the Bronx River in 1968, several months after the Penn Central merger. The 269 will soon be renumbered to PC 4669. Commuting on the Harlem Division is this issue's cover story. Photo by Dick Herbert.

The 10th Michigan Railroad History Conference - November 7, 2009

For anyone interested in learning more about New York Central operations in Michigan, as well as other aspects of the Wolverine State's railroad history, don't miss the 10th Michigan Railroad History Conference. The Conference will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Cascade Manor House, Jackson, Michigan. The program includes ten historical presentations and two poster presentations. Lunch will be served. At the completion of the program, we will tour the former Michigan Central Jackson Shop buildings, and other historical sites.


  • "Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad - Expressway for Industry" - Chuck Geletzke

  • "NYC, PC, Conrail & NS Dispatching on the Michigan Division 1958 - 2006" - Rahn Stokes

  • "Michigan Coal and the Rails that moved it". - Mike Delaney

  • "Lansing - Jackson Interurban Railway" - Norm Krentel

  • Keynote Presentation: "Runaway Research on the Michigan Central" - Nicholas Marsh

  • "The Spring Lake Iron Company, the Railroads and Charcoal Production in West Michigan" - Dave Kindem

  • "A Brief History of the Port Huron and Detroit Railroad" - Sandy Duffy

  • "A Day in the Life of the Michigan Central's Airline" - Mark Worrall

  • "Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing and Social Conflicts in Gilded Age Detroit" - Tom Klug

  • "Ann Arbor Railroad: Ann Arbor to Durand" - Henry Burger

During the luncheon:

  • Poster Session A: Gaylord Gill: "Deckerville Pere Marquette Depot Project"

  • Poster Session B: Dale Berry: "MichiganRailroads.com"

For a conference registration form and more information, please visit the Michigan Railroad History Conference web site.

New York Central models by Jim Six

NYC U-class 0-8-0 7744 spots a coal hopper at the local dealer in New Paris, Indiana during the summer of 1955. New York Central enthusiast and modeler Jim Six wanted to share these photos from his HO scale Michigan District layout.

A Geep spots a 40-foot boxcar at an industry in New Paris, Indiana in 1955. This PS-1 boxcar is a Kadee model that Jim Six weathered then placed into service on his NYC Michigan District layout. Weathering was done with acrylic washes there were wiped with cotton swabs. An airbrush was used to weather the roof and underside of the model.

NYC F3 1630 and dual-service GP7 5758 lead a train north through New Paris, Indiana in June 1955. While the F-unit is painted in black, the Geep wears two-tone gray paint found on many similar locomotives in the mid-to-late 1950s. The F3 is an Athearn Genesis model that Jim Six detailed and weathered. The Geep is a Proto2000 model that Jim repainted, detailed and weathered. The scene was photographed on Jim's 44x12 HO scale NYC Michigan District.

The Athearn Genesis model makes a great subject for adding prototype detail specific to the New York Central F3. Jim also added a SoundTrax Tsunami DCC sound decoder and speakers. The model sounds as good as it looks.

Both the 1606 and 1630 are Athearn Genesis HO scale models. Jim Six took the factory painted models and added prototype specific detail, touched up the paint, then weathered the models with acrylic washes. The front pilot of the 1606 was removed and replaced with an InterMountain straight, so-called "passenger" pilot. The shroud doors were modeled in the open position.

Putnam Division photos from Malcolm Laughlin

New York Central's Putnam Division ran from a connection with the Hudson Division in The Bronx to a connection with the Harlem Division at Brewster, New York. A little more than 50 miles end-to-end, the last passenger train over the line was in 1958. After a period of steady decline, the line was downgraded and abandoned until all service ended on the lower end in the late 1970s. Today, the line survives as a popular walking train through Westchester and Putnam counties. Malcolm Laughlin had the good fortune to attend a railfan trip over the Putnam Division in October 1954.

On the way to the special train, Malcolm photographed this meet at Dunwoodie station from the side of the Cross County Parkway. Note the rare round-roof coach as second car of southbound train. These Osgood-Bradley cars were found on the Putnam Division as well as the Boston & Albany.
Another view of the trains at Dunwoodie from the Cross County Parkway.

The fan trip special train rolls past for a photo run by.

It appears our railfan special has paused at Millwood, New York. The distinctive freight house was created from a discarded New York & Northern baggage car. The New York & Northern was later acquired by the New York Central and became the Putnam Division.

The Putnam Division was dieselized in 1951 with a fleet of distinctive Lima diesels. I hope that lady moves out of the guage soon!

A photo run-by was conducted near Kitchawan station, running the train over the bridge spanning the Croton Reservoir.

This bridge still stands today, carrying bicyclists and hikers only.
A regularly scheduled train (possibly Train 129) rolls through Yorktown Heights.

Possible Train 129 headed south from Yorktown Heights.

Baldwin diesels were also used on the Put, before being replaced by Alco road switchers.

Central Headlight - 4Q 2008

The Central Headlight for Fourth Quarter 2008 is in the mail, thanks to the dedicated work of editor Rich Stoving and his contributing authors. The lead story for this issue is part one of a special multi-part article on the race between the Michigan Southern and the Michigan Central to be first into Chicago. Pictured on the cover is Train #1, the all-coach Pacemaker, was almost home in the winter of 1947-1948 as it entered the final tangent into LaSalle Street Station in Chicago. One of the two heavyweight lounge-observation cars rebuilt at Beech Grove in 1940 for Pacemaker service follows mostly new lightweight equipment. The train will feature all new equipment later in the year. Photo courtesy Jim Seacrest Collection.

Many great subjects will be explored in upcoming 2009 issues (subject to change). The lead story for First Quarter 2009 will be recollections of commuting on the Harlem Division. Following in Second Quarter 2009 will be a story on the construction of Buffalo Central Terminal. Third Quarter 2009 will be a biography of P&LE's John Barriger. Closing out 2009 will be a story about the delivery of the 2500-series GE U-boats. Contact editor Rich Stoving for more information.

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West Side Freight Line transformed into Urban Park

The park, which currently extends as far north as West 20th Street, is conceived as a series of interwoven events, like chapters of a book. Approached from the south along Washington Street in the meatpacking district, its 30-foot-high steel deck, supported on big steel columns and sliced off brutally at one end, makes for a striking contrast with the green, leafy landscape atop it. A street-level entry plaza, paved in concrete, is tucked underneath, and a broad metal staircase, with sleek brushed stainless-steel handrails, leads up to the structures underbelly. Rusted Corten steel plates line the opening in the deck's floor, emphasizing the violence of the cut.

Read More: http://www.nytimes.com/

Hudson Division Photos from Jim Dwyer

mThese great vintage snapshots were sent by Jim Dwyer, who asked that we share them on our web site. Thanks to Jim for sharing these great Hudson Division scenes with us from Westchester and the Bronx!

Northbound Passenger on the Putnam Division north of University Heights in the Bronx

Newly introduced EMD E7 diesels awaiting the arrival of a train from GCT at Harmon, NY.

Awaiting arrival of passenger train from Grand Central Terminal at Harmon, NY. This was the northern limit of the third-rail electric zone on the Hudson Division.

Northbound (timetable westbound) passenger trains leaving Harmon following engine change from electrics to steam and diesel.

A behemoth Mohawk with smoke deflectors being sanded at Harmon.

Southbound passenger train at Croton, NY. Engine will be changed to an electric at Harmon. This station has since been closed, but the station remains as a private business.

Central Headlight - 3Q 2008

The Central Headlight for Third Quarter 2008 is in the mail, thanks to the dedicated work of editor Rich Stoving and his contributing authors. The lead story is part 1 of a two-part about Robert Young's fight for control of the New York Central. One of Robert Young's goals for the Central was the modernization and improvement of passenger services, evidenced by the photograph of the experimental Xplorer (nicknamed "Mickey Mouse" by crews) on the cover.

Looking forward, the lead story for Fourth Quarter 2008 is part 1 of another two-part article on the fight between the Michigan Central and the Michigan Southern to get to Chicago first.

The following is what is planned for 2009 issues, subject to change: Lead story for First Quarter 2009 will be recollections of commuting on the Harlem Division. Following in Second Quarter 2009 will be a story on the construction of Buffalo Central Terminal. Third Quarter 2009 will be a biography of P&LE's John Barriger. Closing out 2009 will be a storyabout the delivery of the 2500-series GE U-boats. Contact editor Rich Stoving for more information.

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The Toledo & Ohio Central

The Toledo & Ohio Central comprised one of the more far-flung ends of the NYC system. The Atlantic & Lake Erie was chartered in 1869 to run from Toledo to Pomeroy on the Ohio River. This line was planning to access the coalfields of southeastern Ohio. Construction did not get very far when the line was reorganized and sold as the Ohio Central in 1878. The line to Pomeroy was opened by 1882. Looking to expand, the OC acquired the interests of the Allegheny & Northwestern and the Richmond & Allegheny. The A&N had a charter to cross the Ohio river and build towards Charleston, West Virginia, but no rails had been laid. The R&A ran between Clifton Forge and Richmond, Virginia. Combined as the Richmond, Allegheny & Ohio Central, the new company sought to connect the Ohio coalfields with the East. This was not to be, and the RA&OC entered receivership in 1883.

In 1885, the line was renamed Toldeo & Ohio Central. Carloadings were up, and the T&OC sought expansion once again. In 1892, the T&OC bought the Toldeo, Columbus & Cincinnati, giving the combined companies two routes between the Ohio River and Toledo. The former TC&C line ran between Toledo and Columbus via Kenton. The line enjoyed modest success, and by 1922 the T&OC was leased by the New York Central. In 1938, the T&OC was formally merged into the New York Central.

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern

In 1837, the Michigan Southern was chartered to build a line across the Southern Tier of Michigan to the shore of Lake Michigan at New Buffalo. Construction got as far as Hillsdale, Michigan before the road was sold to private interests. The MS was combined with the Erie & Kalamazoo, and was extended west to meet the Northern Indiana Railroad. The line was opened from Monroe to South Bend in 1851, and reached Chicago by 1852. A joint Chicago terminal was opened with the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific at LaSalle Street Station. In 1855, the MS, the E&K, and the NIR were combined as the Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana. At the same time, a route from Elkhart to Toledo was completed.

East of Toledo, the issue of uncomon railroad gauges made expansion difficult. By 1853, the NYC controlled the Buffalo & State Line and the Erie & Northeast railroads. They were combined as the Buffalo & Erie in 1867. The Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula, also known as the "Lake Shore," opened between Erie and Cleveland in 1852. In 1869, the Lake Shore acquired the Cleveland & Toledo, and merged with the MS&NI to become the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern. Cornelius Vanderbilt acquired the line shortly after.

In 1914, the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, along with several smaller roads, were combined to form the New York Central Railroad.

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1985 Vol. XV No. 3
- PT Tenders

1986 Vol. XVI No. 1
- An Incredible Test: Where Was It?

1986 Vol. XVI No. 3
- Sonoma Train Town's 3" Scale J-1b #5212
- Boston & Albany Milford Branch

1986 Vol. XVI No. 4
- The Hojack in Central New York

1987 Vol. XVII No. 3
- Empire Cars
- Waycars of the Michigan Central Railroad

1988. Vol. XVIII No. 2
- Niagaras
- West Side Freight Line

1988 Vol. XVIII No. 3
- The Making of a Legend, Part 1 (Niagaras)

1988 Vol. XVIII No. 4
- Corning, Ohio
- Interludes of Interest at SS 71
- Rail Stress Tests

1989 Vol. XIX No. 2
- Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw Ry.
- Central Moved the U.S. Mail

1989 Vol. XIX No. 3
- Afloat on the Great Lakes
- NYC F-12 Ten-Wheelers

1989 Vol. XIX No. 4
- Michigan Central Railroad
- The Kellog Branch

1990 Vol. XX No. 1
- Gravity Switching on the Eve of Merger: Part 1

1990 Vol. XX No. 3
- The Fort Wayne Branch Circa 1918

1990 Vol. XX No. 4
- Gravity Switching on the Eve of Merger: Part 2

1991 Vol. XXI No. 1
- The Central and the Arts
- The Century Doesn’t Stop Here!

1991 Vol. XXI No. 3
- A Farewell to Steam
- Along the Canada Southern

1991 Vol. XXI No. 4
- Gravity Switching on the Eve of Merger: Part 4

1992 Vol. XXII No. 1
- Pacemaker Freight Service
- The Oil Burners on the Peoria & Eastern

1992 Vol. XXII No. 2
- Memories of Harmon
- Coil Steel Gondolas

1992 Vol. XXII No. 3
- Run of Super Hudson #5408
- More Wheels

1992 Vol. XXII No. 4
- Power Situation on the B&A: 1930-1951
- Sharon Yard: NYC to Conrail

1993 Vol. XXIII No. 1
- Surviving Steam Update

1993 Vol. XXIII No. 2
- The Great Steel Fleet: 1946-1968

1993 Vol. XXIII No. 3
- The Fabulous 5500

1993 Vol. XXIII No. 4
- Dean of NYC Agents
- Ohio Central Division

1994 Vol. XXIV No. 1
- Corporate History of the Big Four

1994 Vol. XXIV No. 2
- New York City Traffic, Putnam Division
- Big Four and Michigan Central cabooses
- Peoria & Eastern Locomotives

1994 Vol. XXIV No. 3
- Calling Out the Big Hook

1994 Vol. XXIV No. 4
- Early Super Power – B&A A-1

1995 Vol. XXV No. 1
- 1928 Track Plan and Scoop Test
- Englewood Yard and LS-1
- Lake Erie & Pittsburgh

1995 Vol. XXV No. 2
- Punch Brothers, Punch with Care

1995 Vol. XXV No. 3
- NYC at Woodlawn
- NYC Today: The U&D
- Lake Erie & Pittsburgh

1995 Vol. XXV No. 4
- Big Four Engineman

1996 Vol. XXVI No. 1
- Hudson, Michigan station
- Putnam Division photos

1996 Vol. XXVI No. 2
- There is Danger in the Tunnel

1996 Vol. XXVI No. 3
- Three-Cylinder NYC Locomotives

1996 Vol. XXVI No. 4
- Photographs from the NYC Files

1997 Vol. XXVII No. 1
- Several True Tales of the Central’s Rails

1997 Vol XXVII No. 2
- Speed! Explosion of 7408

1997 Vol. XXVII No. 3
- Photographs from the NYC Files

1997 Vol. XXVII No. 4
- Buffalo Central Terminal

1998 Vol. XXVIII No. 1
- More Photographs from the NYC Files

1998 Vol. XXVIII No. 2
- MDT Refrigerator Cars

1998 Vol. XXVII No. 3
- Edward L. May
- Coasting into Grand Central

1998 Vol. XXVII No. 4
- Grand Central, Lake Shore Limited
- WWII Oil Trains

1999 Vol. XXIX No. 1
- Broken Rails
- Railroad Experiences

1999 Vol. XXIX No. 2
- DeWitt Engine Terminal
- In the Baggage Car Ahead

1999 Vol. XXIX No. 3
- Railroad Experiences, Part 2
- Perishables to Amsterdam

1999 Vol. XXIX No. 4
- Further Photographs from the NYC Files

2000 Vol. XXX No. 1
- The Boston & Worcester and Western Railroads, 1847: Part 1

2000 Vol. XXX No. 2
- Beech Creek District

2000 Vol. XXX No. 3
- The Boston & Worcester and Western Railroads, 1847: Part 2

2000 Vol. XXX No. 4
- The Late Mohawks: Part 1

2001 Vol. XXXI No. 1
- 100 MPH in 1903
- NYC vs. Amtrak

2001 Vol. XXXI No. 2
- The Late Mohawks: Part 2

2001. Vol. XXXI No. 3
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 1
- Boston & Albany Goes to War
- Ahead on Locomotive

2001 Vol. XXXI No. 4
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 2
- Call Out
- Early Tender Classes

2002 Vol. XXXII No. 1
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 3
- 20th Century Limited 100th Anniversary
- NYC 4600-4700 MU Cars

2002 Vol. XXXII No. 2
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 4
- 753rd Railway Shop Battallion

2002 Vol. XXXII No. 3
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 5
- What Might Have Been: 4-6-6-4
- Messengering DES-3s

2002 Vol. XXXII No. 4
- Automatic Train Stop on the NYC

2003 Vol. XXXIII No. 1
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 6
- 999 Plaque Dedication

2003 Vol. XXXIII No. 2
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 7
- Jamestown & Franklin Railroad

2003 Vol. XXXIII No. 3
- Tribute to Grand Central Terminal

2003 Vol. XXXIII No. 4
- CB&Q 30 on NYC

2004 Vol. XXXIV No. 1
- Memories of the NYC in Northern New York
- Photos from the NYC Collection

2004 Vol. XXXIV No. 2
- Young Lion of the West

2004 Vol. XXXIV No. 3
- St. Lawrence, Adirondack, Ontario and Ottawa Divisions

2004 Vol. XXXIV No. 4
- Electrification of Suburban Zone: New York City

2005 Vol. XXXV No. 1
- Gulf Curve Reconstruction
- Largest Sleeper Consist
- Photos from the NYC Collection

2005 Vol. XXXV No. 2
- Electrification of the Suburban Zone: New York City; Discussion

2005 Vol. XXXV No. 3
- Timetable No. 37: 1890

2005 Vol. XXXV No. 4
- Boater Battles Central
- Last Open Section Car
- Larger Scale

2006 Vol. XXXVI No. 1
- My Railroad Career: K.L. Reed
- The Motive Power Situation: 1951

2006 Vol. XXXVI No. 2
- The Cleveland Limited
- The Milk Business: St. Lawrence Division

2006 Vol. XXXVI No. 3
- NYC Sleeping Car Service
- NYC Lines Magazine: Part 8

2006 Vol. XXXVI No. 4
- Forty Years of Motive Power Progress

2007 Vol. XXXVII No1.
- The Story of the Empire State Express

2007 Vol. XXXVII No. 2
- The Beauty Queens, Pt. 1 (Early EMD E7’s)

2007 Vol. XXXVII No. 3
- Steam Locomotive Number Plates Carrying the New York Central Oval

2008 Vol. XXXVIII No. 1
- Charles A. Erler – Portrait of a Railroad Man

2008 Vol. XXXVIII No. 2
- The First Trip of the Empire State Express

2008 Vol. XXXVIII No. 3
- Robert R. Young Takes Aim at New York Central, Pt. 1

2009 Vol. XXXIX No. 1
- Commuting on the Harlem Division

2009 Vol. XXXIX No. 2
- Buffalo Central Terminal

2009 Vol. XXXIX No. 3
- Papa John (John W. Barriger)

2009 Vol. XXXIX No. 4
- The GE Rider, Pt. 1 (Delivery of three new U25B locomotives)

2010 Vol. XL No. 1
- Maurice E. Lewman, Railroader

2010 Vol. XL No. 2
- Dining Aboard the Postwar Great Steel Fleet

2010 Vol. XL No. 3
- New York Central in 1950 Railroad Industry

2010 Vol. XL No. 4
- The Boston & Albany Railroad Stations of Henery Hobson Richardson

2011 Vol. XLI No 1
- Pennsylvania Division Operations at the Close of the Steam Era; Tales of 466, Pt. 1

2011 Vol. XLI No. 2
- NYC Marine Operations in New York Harbor, Parts 1 and 2; Bringing the Mohawk Home; Tales of 466, Part 2

2011 Vol. XLI No. 3
- Railroading on the Harlem Division with Engineer Robert B. Palmer; Hudson Division Cab Ride; Tales of 466, Part 3

2011 Vol. XLI No. 4
- Steam's Winter Glory; NYC Marine Operations in New York Harbor Part 3; Charlie Hogan Broadcast

--Updated July 16, 2012, Otto M. Vondrak

Our Friendly Finger Lakes Railway Crew

Thanks and kudos go out to the Finger Lakes Railway for hosting our all-day excursion over their former New York Central "Auburn Road" trackage between Canandaigua and Syracuse. The trip was certainly the highlight of the 2009 NYCSHS Annual Meeting. The fact that we rode in trains decorated in classic two-tone gray NYC-inspired paint was certainly a welcome detail! But people make all the difference, so a big thanks goes out to Deb Najarro and the train crew for a smooth ride throughout the day. The Finger Lakes Railway offers excursions throughout the summer tourist season, check out their website for more information.